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Say compared to Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Monster of the Week or even Jinkies?

Are the players characters normal humans (highly trained, but still human - ala X-Files?) Superior to humanity (Super-ninjas, Captain America) or even stronger?
Are there existing scenarios or campaigns?

What was your experience?

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I have never played the other games you listed, so I cannot give you a compare and contrast, but as for the rest of your questions I can answer.

Player Characters:
You can play regular people with no special abilities if you want, the character class is called: Ordinary Person.
You can also play multiple character classes that have special psionic powers that allow them to perform various special abilities.
There is also a character class called Genius/Natural. Depending on which way you decide to go the character can be super strong and agile equal to a professional athlete. The other way is a genius who can perform skills successfully at an exceptional rate.
If you want someone even more spectacular you can port a Heroes Unlimited character directly into Beyond the Supernatural.

Existing campaigns an scenarios can be found in the BTS supplement Boxed Nightmares and in issues of the Rifter. There is a thread in this forum containing a complete list of BTS material that can be found in the Rifter.

As for my experience, Beyond the Supernatural is my favorite RPG to play and even more to GM. I find it a fun and unique horror game that can easily be adapted to whatever kind of horror game you would like to run.
The core book is only $25 and all you need to play. Of course there is more material out there, but it isn't required to play. I cannot recommend picking it up enough!

--- author of "All Quiet on the Western.....What?" Rifter 84

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