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During a recent discussion on the Phase World forums I went to find some information in my PDFs for certain starships and found that it was not in there. Examples:

DB 3: Phase World SB - Te Packmaster Carrier has no listed FTL drive but it is listed in the Q&A and I believe in the Cutting Room Floor as having a speed of 6 lightyears per hour.

DB 12: Dimensional Outbreak and DB 13: Fleets of the Three Galaxies has missing Force Fields for the Conquistador and the Commodity respectively but both writers have said they have them but left them out of the books.

Are there any plans to edit the PDFs to add some of the things that are in the Q&A, cutting room floor or just errors from the writers? Even if all that is add is pages at the very end listing all the errors and omissions would be very helpful.

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Nope, no plans. Never happen.

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