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FINAL hours – The Rifter® SALE – books at PDF prices – Sale ends after midnight, August 21, 2019

All available issues of The Rifter®, except a few we are running really low on. ... Items.html
Includes the most recent issues of The Rifter®:
#80 – Wayfarers™ (Fantasy), Rifts® Chaos Earth®, Splicers® and more.
#81 – Fantasy complete adventure, 20 NPCs, Gnomes, Heroes Unlimited™, Rifts® and more.
#82 – Erick Wujcik Remembered, Heroes Unlimited™, Nightbane®, and more.
#83 – 50 magic items for Rifts®, Fantasy, and other settings; Heroes Unlimited™, Superspies and more.

All are on sale at PDF prices, but that offer ends today, after midnight Pacific Time! Get them while you can at ... Items.html

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