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Hello everyone,,
The Nightsabres are a fairly large group of people and creatures that support Nightsabre's cause and beliefs. It is made up mostly of Shadow Creatures, inlcluding ShadowWolves, ShadowBorn, and Shadow Warlocks. The leader of The Nightsabre's is always the wielder of Nightsabre, and is chosen by Nightsabre. The leader is usually at least a ShadowBorn, more commonly a ShadowWolf. The Nightsabres and Kastur's Claw are mortal enemies, they will each other as soon as the chance arises. If given the chance, High Priests of Kastur are always the first target to be taken out. The sentiment towards Shade's Arcane is a bit different, they are not considered that big of a threat and have been known to work together, especially to beat up on some members of Kastur's Claw. This may be due to the fact that more than once in the past, a high level member of Shade's Arcane has become a leader of The Nightsabres. The Nightsabres are seemingly everywhere, members are a variety of worlds including Palladium, Wormwood, Rifts Earth, Phase World and a world populate by monsters and creatures known as Nightspawn (some call themselves Nightbane though, claiming it is The Todd's will). The Nightsabres' main goal is to track down and destroy all members Kastur's Claw and those like them, and eventually Kastur himself. Although rare, agents and Gods from Asgard have been known to help, or even fight side-by-side with members of The Nightsabres.

When someone becomes the leader of The Nightsabres it is tradition for that person to change his or her last name to Nightsabre, after a ritual and trial where the leader must bring back the head of a member of Kastur's Claw without the rune weapon Nightsabre.

Age: The Nightsabres are known to have been around (officially) for well over 500 years. It is not a young organization by any means. There is even some evidence it was on Rifts Earth during Pre-Rifts time, one form leader even claimed to related to Victor Lazlo. In over 500 years of existence, they've never been able to do enough damage to Kastur to kill him once and for all.

Member Count: Unknown...The Nightsabres are too far spread to keep a constant count on the members. What is known, is that there are more than 10,000 Nightsabres throughout the many dimensions, with the strongest presence currently on Rifts Earth. All the magic energy has drawn many Kastur's Claw members.

Other: The current leader is rumored to be on Rifts Earth..

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