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Well, for starters, about 17 years ago I discovered these extraordinary creatures that people call "women." Oh my GOD! They are crazy, beautiful, and if you date the younger sister of your second ex-fiancee, well, you're in for a ride.

My USWEST website was available for a surprisingly long time. No longer, it seems. I could have access to a website if I was kinda sorta willing to sell my soul to Wix. The fact that some of you have archived that ol' pasttime of mine, I am and will always be amazed by that! Keep it all living! I created all that for YOU!

Game-wise, I kinda left the planet. I've done so much living in the 17 years past that gaming is a distant memory. I've gone so far and seen so MUCH that returning to the land of games would be a lot like... driving in the slow lane.

But I've had some ideas, if I was to return to the game side of life. I was quite inspired by the White Wolf gaming system, a game that is story driven and not a dice roll exercise. Really, I think the whole thing resides in the mind of the storyteller. What we do is supposed to be that we players are talking out a story. Good players, and a GREAT GM, all that should become something EPIC.

I've got a new kind of game in mind. Yes, a competitor to my great PAL.

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