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I thought it would be cool if we could consolidate all known instances of this and what conversations we could have about it.

Going through Yin-Sloth Jungles I noticed a familiar face on page 130 from artwork on page 98 of Rifts South America. Both books I think came out in 1994 originally. I usually think of 1st edition Palladium RPG books as predating Rifts ones, but in this case Rifts WB 6 apparently predates PRPG WB 7, since the full version is of a woman holding a gun, which wouldn't make since in the Palladium World.

Conversely, Yin-Sloth page 65 artwork of an Orc was modified and put on page 186 of South America 2, they removed his tuscs to depict a Larhold Human Renegade.

There's also the Elf from Rifts Conversion Book being used to depict a Western Chi Mage in Mystic China and the standard Juicer's huge hair being cutt off to depict Cutter in Rifts Mercenaries.

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