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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – May 19, 2011

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By Kevin Siembieda

UPDATE: The NEW Palladium website is live! Our new website went live Tuesday night and people are loving it. We've gotten a flood of emails and posts using words like “great,” “love it” and “worth the wait.” What a relief. I mean, we knew it was good and we liked it. We put a lot of thought, time and work into it, especially Rex Barkdoll, Thomas Bartold and Wayne Smith, BUT you never know if other people will like it. Whew, we're so glad you do.

If you haven't seen it for yourself, we cheerfully invite you to take a look and enjoy. The new website is much more visually dynamic and fun, as well as better organized, updated and easy to use.

The online store is also much improved, more attractive, intuitive and fun. Plus we updated many descriptions and images, and all the usual shipping options were available. Note: You do not have to create a new user account in the store; the same login and password you used in the old store will work just fine. Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties placing your order. Please buy Palladium. ;)

Palladium's new website was definitely a labor of love and we have Rex, Thom and Wayne to thank for that. Thank you guys. I also want to thank the volunteers who helped us test the store and the site. Your comments, observations and input was invaluable.

UPDATE: Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms™ is looking awesome. The book is really coming along. I've actually surprised myself with how much new material is in this book, along with more detailed descriptions and clarifications, much better organization, and updates throughout. There is a wealth of new information about vampires, the vampire kingdoms and travel that I think will please Rifts® fans and delight gamers looking to adventure in the Vampire Kingdoms. I am very happy with this book. I'm putting in everything I think needs to be in it, plus a lot of the suggestions gamers have made. By the way, thank you for your input and suggestions, they are always thought-provoking and helpful. I think there is going to be more new artwork than I originally imagined too. Take a look at the updated description for more details.

Folks are clamoring for the two Rifts® Vampire titles, as well as Rifts® Lemuria, Robotech® New Generation Sourcebook and Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames, so now it is simply a matter of getting them finished and to press.

UPDATE: Rifts® Lemuria. I have assigned a big chunk of the artwork for Lemuria as well as reviewed a good portion of the manuscript. Lemuria is a sweet book, with a lot of wild, new ideas, monsters, magic, and characters. I think this is another title that takes an approach that will surprise and delight gamers. For one thing, much of the material is suitable for games that take place on dry land as well as below the waves. Chuck Walton is one of the main artists on this book and I still need to assign Lemuria art to Amy Ashbaugh and Nick Bradshaw, both of whom have requested to work on this book. Will probably tap Burles and Mumah too. Meanwhile, the writer, Greg Diaczyk, is making some additions and a few rewrites. The description elsewhere in this Weekly Update has been updated a bit too.

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – May 12, 2011

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By Kevin Siembieda

UPDATE: New Palladium website should go live any day now. Really. We thought the website would be up earlier this week, but we were delayed due to a handful of technical issues; including waiting for our host company to make some necessary changes. That was okay, as it gave us time to make additions and changes to make the new website even better. It’s rather like working on a manuscript for a book: every time one of us takes a pass at it, we see something that could be improved, tweaked or should be changed. So we’ve been making improvements while we wait.

I’m told we should go live Friday night, but it could be over the weekend or on Monday. Our apologies for the delay. I know Rex, Thom and all of us are chomping at the bit to see the new Palladium website go live. We hope you’ll like the new look and improvements. The website has been completely redone from the ground up and we’ll continue to make changes and improvements in the months to come. Our appreciation to those of you who offered comments and suggestions, as well as to Rex Barkdoll for the Herculean amount of work and creativity he put in to it.

UPDATE: Palladium’s Facebook numbers continue to grow. We surpassed the mark of 2,500 people who like the page by 108 and are on our way to 3,000. It’s nice to see so many people finding us and enjoying the page. I continue to post on our Facebook page on a regular basis – every couple of days, though I think I have popped in 4-5 days in a row this week. I’m encouraging the Palladium crew and freelancers to make more appearances too. Along with myself, Alex, Wayne, Mike Mumah, Brandon Aten, Irvin Jackson, Mark Oberle, Carl Gleba, and Braden Campbell, among others, are regulars on the page. Join the fun.

UPDATE: Online sales slumped this week. Sales were so-so this week. Hey, it happens. I’m not worried. As Palladium continues to build momentum with the new website going live, regular releases of new titles, and growing excitement over our plans for the future, sales will bounce back up. Folks are clamoring for the two Rifts® Vampire titles, as well as Rifts® Lemuria, Robotech® New Generation™ Sourcebook and Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames, so now it is simply a matter of getting them finished and to press.

UPDATE: Rifts® Thundercloud Galaxy™ continues to get positive feedback and sell well. So are Armageddon Unlimited™, Dimensional Outbreak™, Heroes of the Megaverse®, Rifts® Japan, Rifts® Lone Star™ and The Rifter® #54, along with other titles. Have you ordered the books you’ve been meaning to get? Get ‘em now or wait until the new store, but make sure you get them. ;)

UPDATE: More Sneak Previews coming your way. People have been enjoying the free sneak previews of Armageddon Unlimited™ and Thundercloud Galaxy™ available from DriveThruRPG.com so much that we will try to do one for every new release from now on. DriveThruRPG.com is also a good resource for getting The Rifter® #1-48 and to fill in your RPG library with first edition copies of Rifts®, Palladium Fantasy®, Heroes Unlimited™, and other game lines as well as books such as Nightbane® Book Four: Shadows of Light™ and both versions of the The Mechanoids® RPG (1985) andThe Collected Mechanoid Invasion® Trilogy (1981-1983).

UPDATE: Rifts® Japan and Rifts® Lone Star™ are selling like crazy. I didn’t realize these two books were in such high demand. Among other titles reprinted this year, the Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Rifts® Game Master Guide, Rifts® Dark Conversions™, Rifts® World Book 5: Triax & The NGR™, Rifts® Mercenaries™, Rifts® Bionics Sourcebook, and Rifts® China One are also flying off the shelves. Rifts® Book of Magic is the next out of print book to be brought back into print by the end of the month.

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