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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – March 3, 2011

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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – March 3, 2011

By Kevin Siembieda

My dear friends, a few things have happened in the last week or two that shook me a bit and bummed me out a little. It was nothing bad for the company, it just made me feel bad. You know, one of those moments where you wonder what's wrong with people and businesses in the world and you feel disappointed, frustrated and sad. Then I thought about you, the Palladium fans, the outpouring of support you have always given me, how you are there for us in good times and bad, and it helped buoy my spirits and restore my faith in humankind again. Thanks for being so awesome. Thanks for being there for me even when you don't realize it.

The Rifter® Super-Subscription offer was scheduled to end Monday. We had a great weekend of sales as a lot of people rushed to place their subscription order before the offer ended on Monday. A good number of people also ordered a lot of other books while they were at it, so I was absolutely thrilled with the sales. Of course, there has been a sharp decline in the days after, but that's to be expected.

FYI: You can subscribe to The Rifter® any time. And it is always a money saving proposition. The Winter Super-Offer is just our annual "push" and offers an additional "gift." So please, subscribe when that moment strikes and you realize you need a subscription to The Rifter®. And you know you need one. You need it. You know you do. You're missing out if you don't have one . . .

(Hmmm, I wonder if my power to hypnotize you into ordering a subscription is working? No! Not even a little? Shucks. What if I told you we will extend the subscription offer for just ONE MORE WEEKEND? Yeah, you can still get the subscription and the free gift this one last weekend. Offer ends Monday morning, March 7, 2011.)

Click here for all the details and order info.

A strange week for me. This past week has been a little strange for me. I've gone from high energy to feeling tired, back up to high energy, then a bit blue. I think the long hours of the past few weeks wore me out and catching a cold didn't help any. An "alleged friend" suggested that with my birthday sneaking up on me, it was old age (I turn 55 on April 2nd). He tried to make nice by saying I actually sounded more energized and positive than he's heard from me in a long while, but he is not forgiven. ;)

I spent much of the week catching up on a number of business related matters, planning for the Creators Conference, talking to people on the phone and taking care of this and that. On many fronts it has been a productive week. Though I've not put in as much time as I would like on the writing of Thundercloud Galaxy™, I have spent some time doing writing for some other projects, including the Creators Conference which is coming up fast.

UPDATE: Creators Conference. I had someone suggest to me that I should not talk about the Creators Conference since it is not open to the general public. I considered that for a moment, and I hope I'm not frustrating fans, but here's why I mention it a bit: The Conference should have a tremendous impact on Palladium Books and future projects. Therefore, it is important to fans interested about such things. I want to discuss with Palladium's core freelance writers and artists the plans I have to take Palladium to the next level and their role in it. I want to talk about our crafts of game design, writing and illustration. There will round table discussions, workshops, brainstorming and plans for the future. Not just Palladium's future, but their futures as creators as well. There should also be plenty of hugs, friendly chats, laughter and gaming. I think it will be good for all of us and great for Palladium. Note to Freelancers: I think next week is your last chance to get rooms at the discounted Palladium rate, so place your reservations now. I've talked with two people this week who have not done so yet!

UPDATE: Rifts® Dimension Book 14: Thundercloud Galaxy™. We continue to work on Rifts® Thundercloud Galaxy™. I apologize for the delay, but we are working to make this book the best it can be. Though Palladium is known for its high quality, part of my new agenda is to push the envelope even further and try to knock your socks off with each and every new book. I think we did that with Rifts® Triax™ 2, Rifts® Dimensional Outbreak™, Heroes of the Megaverse® and Armageddon Unlimited™. Now we want to do it again with Thundercloud Galaxy™, Robotech® sourcebooks, the Rifts® Vampire books, Rifts® Lemuria, Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames and all the rest.

As for offering a FREE Sneak Preview of Thundercloud Galaxy™ from DriveThruRPG.comDriveThruRPG.com at some point, we're trying to decide what part of the book we should select. We'll try to remember to do the same with most upcoming releases (may not be allowed with licensed properties, we'll have to look into it).

See Secrets of the Thundercloud Galaxy™ later in this Update.

UPDATE: The Rifter® #54. This is destined to be a landmark issue: The final chapter of The Hammer of the Forge! This story started with issue number ONE. Thanks for a great run James M.G. Cannon.

UPDATE: Rifts® Lemuria. Jazzy Johnny Z is busy working away on the cover, but I've yet to assign the interior artwork for it.

UPDATE: Robotech® New Generation™ Sourcebook. Apollo Okamura should be working on the cover for this book and I hope to be working away on the manuscript in a few weeks.

UPDATE: Alex Marciniszyn. There has been some turmoil and issues within the family, but overall, everybody continues to press forward.

UPDATE: Kathy Simmons. As you may know, Kathy is one of the forces behind the scenes at Palladium. She processes online and distributor orders, handles payroll and bookkeeping and does other business related work. She is also working at getting her own fledgling business (queenofghouls.com) off the ground. Well, she hadn't been feeling well for about a week, then the pain started. She and all of us (which is why we are not doctors) thought she must be passing a kidney stone. Turns out the poor girl has shingles. I've never had them, and never want to get them. My grandfather and Erick Wujcik had shingles and both of them said it was an awful and painful experience. She's going through the worst of it now and has another 10-14 days to deal with, ouch. Plus it has prevented her from working on her newest and coolest ghoul creations. Get well soon, Queen of Ghouls.

UPDATE: New Palladium Website. There has been an increased level of work with the Palladium Website these past two weeks and excitement is running high. I spoke with the main fan/freelancer who is the mover and shaker behind this project at great length and I love his ideas and enthusiasm. Of course, nothing goes easy, so now that work on it is really picking up, they've hit a few glitches and snags. Grrrr. Fear not, it is coming and you will like it.

Snow is gone but it's been cold. Lower Michigan has had one of the snowiest winters on record. As of this date, we've seen approximately two feet more than an average winter. I am soooo ready for spring weather.

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher

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