About Weekly Updates Palladium Books® Mini-Update – December 1, 2015

Palladium Books® Mini-Update – December 1, 2015

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By Kevin Siembieda

Hi Everyone,

A few quick things.

One, Rifts® Chaos Earth® Resurrection is done and ships tomorrow

Wednesday, December 2. We’ve seen the finished printed book and it is a beauty. You guys will love it. Chaos Earth® Resurrection™ is available for order now, and can be requested in Christmas Surprise Packages.

Two, The Rifter® #71 & #72 Double Issue is done and at the printer!

If Julius Rosenstein is any indication, you are going to love it too! Sixty pages into proofreading the book, Julius said to me, “Kev, if the rest of this issue is even half as good as the first 60, this might be the best issue of The Rifter® since ... since ... uh, maybe the best issue ever.” I don’t know if I’d go that far, but it is full of fun material. I don’t know when it will ship yet, probably around December 18, 2015. The Rifter® #71 & #72 Double Issue is available for PRE-Order now, and can be requested in Christmas Surprise Packages, but it may delay their shipping.

Three, Palladium’s Black Friday/Cyber-Monday Weekend Sale Ends at noon on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

We forgot to take the sale down at midnight on Monday, and we’ve had a few last minute shoppers ask if we would extend it for one more day, so here you go. This sale is extended till noon Wednesday.

Robotech® Exclusives – Available to Everyone during this sale. Normally available only at conventions and to our Kickstarter backers, we are making the 2015 Robotech® RPG Tactics™ EXCLUSIVES available during this special sale, which ends on noon, December 2. These are dynamic, easy to build (4-9 pieces per figure) figures that look great. Get ‘em while you can.

Four, only 3½ weeks till Christmas and time is running out to order your Palladium Christmas Surprise Package – the best deal in gaming – Offer ends December 24, 2015

Less time to order than that, when you factor in shipping and if you need it before Christmas Day. Then you probably need to order by December 16th.

If you want your Surprise Package in time for Christmas, YOU NEED TO ORDER in the NEXT 2 WEEKS! When those of you in the USA and Canada order in the next two weeks, you are guaranteed to get your Christmas Surprise Packages in time for the holiday – and without having to pay for a better, faster method of shipping!

Click here to see the entire Surprise Package description.

Happy Holidays

We hope you enjoyed a very pleasant Thanksgiving weekend.

Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends and gamers. May the holiday be filled with light and joy.

That’s all for now. More in the Thursday Weekly Update.

Kevin Siembieda

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