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Rifts® Lemuria Shipping Now!

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Rifts® World Book 32: Lemuria is shipping now!

  • The Lemurians, their history & society.
  • 5 aquatic races.
  • 5 Sea Dragons.
  • 5 Symbiotic Stone vehicles.
  • 8 expansive, new O.C.C.s.
  • 9 monstrous and wondrous Lemurian War Steeds.
  • 10 suits of living Bio-Armor, plus the Wave Strider and Bio-Skins.
  • 10 Biomancy plants and creatures from the Lemurian Gardens.
  • 16 strange and exotic animals.
  • 19 types of Lemurian weapons.
  • 21 new Hydro-Psionic abilities.
  • 50+ new Biomancy spells and a handful of new Ocean Magic spells.
  • The Stone Guardians of Easter Island and other mysteries.
  • Symbiotic creatures and Biomancy constructs.
  • Written by Greg Diaczyk, with Matthew Clements and Kevin Siembieda.
  • Cover by John Zeleznik.
  • Tons of interior art by Chuck Walton, Mike Mumah, Brian and Allen Manning, Kent Burles, Nick Bradshaw and Amy Ashbaugh.
  • 224 pages – Cat. No. 885.

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