About Weekly Updates Palladium Books® Reminder – December 19, 2011

Palladium Books® Reminder – December 19, 2011

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By Kevin Siembieda

Three things . . .

ONE: The Christmas Surprise Package is not just for Christmas. It makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other celebrations, as well as an inexpensive way to fill holes in your own collection, try new game settings, get back issues of The Rifter®, prints, T-shirts and other goodies for pennies on the dollar. But order soon because the Surprise Package offer ENDS FRIDAY, December 23, 2011.

TWO: For those of you living “east” of the Rocky Mountains, you can still order via UPS Ground (not as expensive as you think) and still get your Surprise Package in time for Christmas! But you must order tonight, Monday, December 19, 2011. You could take a chance and order as late as Tuesday if you're within a couple of states' distance from Michigan, but NO guarantee the Surprise Package will arrive in time for Christmas. We are trying to process ALL orders so they can ship the very next day after we receive them. All orders placed over the weekend shipped today.

THREE: The Christmas Surprise Package offer ENDS December 23, 2012. Most years we extend the offer for a week or two after Christmas but we have not made that decision yet. As one person put it to me, in these tough economic times, nobody would blame Palladium for not extending the offer. But tough economic times is exactly why I should, because there are always a number of gamers who can’t afford to buy a Surprise Package until after Christmas. I will make the decision to extend the offer or not in time for the Thursday Weekly Update.

Until then – finish your holiday shopping for your favorite gamer or plan ahead for that January or February birthday or anniversary. Thank you for your continued support and warm wishes for the holiday.

The Christmas Surprise Package – last day December 23, 2011

The Christmas Surprise Package is $80-$90+ worth of merchandise (often more!) for only $38 plus shipping and handling, is one of the best holiday deals anywhere. And you also get autographs in every book if you want them and the element of surprise with your wish list. Heck, the Palladium Christmas Surprise Package may be the “very best gift” money can buy, period! At least for gamers.

Buy one or several as gifts for your friends or for yourself. Use it to get books on the cheap to fill in holes in your gaming collection, try new RPGs and game settings, or get back issues of The Rifter®, or get original art, art prints and autographs. Surprise your fellow gamers with one choice book or a big pile of books for Christmas thanks to Palladium’s Surprise Package. Can you imagine the look on your friend or loved one’s face when you hand him or her a pile of role-playing products worth $90 (or more) . . . with autographs? And you only paid $38 (plus shipping and handling). Word it right and you may get a Surprise Package that has enough items to give to two or three friends. (For a lot of people this is the only way to get books signed by some of the creators and Palladium staff.)

What are you waiting for? Five days till Christmas!

Click here to order yours today.

Shipping guidelines to consider when purchasing ANY items as gifts for the holidays:

UPS Ground Delivery – should arrive in time for Christmas if you order TONIGHT and live EAST of the Rocky Mountains. But remember, the “Surprise Package” isn’t just for Christmas.

UPS Ground: Takes 2-3 days to most places east of the Rocky Mountains – provided there are no questions, problems or delays with your order. We do our best to make sure orders arrive before Christmas, but cannot guarantee delivery of UPS orders placed after Sunday. Include a day for processing and packaging.

- No special shipping cost for faster shipping is necessary.
- Your package is insured.

- It can be traced (most packages sent via the US Postal Service cannot be traced).

- Note: Those of you living east of the Rocky Mountains should get your UPS Ground orders in 2-3 days, but you MUST place your UPS Ground order TONIGHT to guarantee arrival before Christmas. Those of you in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio should be okay placing your orders by Tuesday night, but if there are any problems you risk not getting them by Christmas.

Those of you west of the Rockies (and those living in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico and most of Texas) take 4-5 days, so at this point you’ll need to select a faster shipping method.

UPS 3 Day Select – You must order by TONIGHT to get it by Christmas at most locations in the USA: This service is guaranteed to arrive 3 days after being shipped to an address within the contiguous United States.

UPS 2nd Day Air – You must order by TUESDAY night to get it by Christmas at most locations in the USA: This service is guaranteed to arrive 2 days after being shipped to an address within the contiguous United States.

UPS Next Day Air – You must order by WEDNESDAY night to get it by Christmas at most locations in the USA: Guaranteed next day after it ships. HOWEVER, Palladium needs a day to process orders.

Parcel Post – You may or may not get your package by Christmas. Parcel Post takes 3-6 days to arrive. No guarantee you’ll get it in time. Note that orders shipped via the US Postal Service cannot be traced or tracked.

Priority Mail – You must order by WEDNESDAY night to get your package by Christmas. USPS says Priority Mail should take 2 days to arrive in most cases, but there’s no guarantee you will get it in time. Note that orders shipped via the US Postal Service cannot be traced or tracked.

Express Mail – You must order by THURSDAY night to get it by Christmas at most locations in the USA: Express Mail takes ONE day to arrive, and will deliver on Saturday, December 24 if your order is placed by THURSDAY night.

Media Mail packages WILL NOT ARRIVE before Christmas! Do not use Media Mail if you need the package in time for Christmas. If you can wait 6-21 days AFTER Christmas then this is fine. Media Mail is also much more likely to get “lost” in the mail. NOTE: Any order shipped Media Mail that is “lost in the mail” is YOUR loss, not Palladium Books. Your order will NOT be recreated. YOU use Media Mail – the most unreliable of shipping services – completely at your OWN risk. We strongly recommend UPS or Priority Mail.

To expedite your orders, PLEASE make sure your Surprise Package Wish List/Special Wants are clear and numerous, include 8-12 currently available books/items, and make certain your address is complete and correct. We MUST have a complete street address including Apartment Number to ship via UPS. UPS cannot ship to a P.O. Box (see Priority). If you give us the wrong or incomplete address and the order gets lost – the loss is yours. Palladium cannot replace the order as a result of your mistake or omission. Remember, we are packing Christmas Surprise Packages full, often with $85-$100+ worth of product, and Palladium cannot afford to send the package out twice due to your mistake. We hope you understand. Likewise, numbered, limited editions and original artwork can NOT be replaced if lost. BE CAREFUL, send your complete, current address – including your apartment number – and use a reliable, trackable and insured method of shipping like UPS.

Note to Customers Outside the U.S.A.: At this point, we can NOT guarantee any order placed from this point forward to arrive before Christmas. Even if you use one of the express methods of shipping, delivery by Christmas is highly unlikely. Sorry.

1. You, the customer, are responsible for any and all duty, taxes or Customs fees. Books have the lowest fees and duty, but they can still be costly (typically around $20-$30). 2. Palladium Books is not responsible for any delays at Customs. We cannot guarantee time of arrival, so give yourself a few extra days. International Priority Mail should arrive within 5-7 business days, but give yourself a little extra time to be safe. 3. Palladium charges you ONLY for ACTUAL postage plus a small handling fee. We are a small company and cannot offer the low or no shipping that big companies like Amazon are able to provide. We hope you understand.

Palladium Books processes Christmas Surprise Package orders EVERY day (except weekends) in an effort to get them to you before Christmas. Have a wonderful and joyous holiday. OFFER ENDS December 23, 2011.

We do our best to make every Surprise Package special. My thanks to all of you for your support. Happy Holidays and game on!

– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher and Surrogate Santa

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