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Special Message from Santa Kevin’s Workshop

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By Kevin Siembieda

8 Shipping Days Till Christmas

I’m happy to report that the Palladium Christmas Surprise Packages, as well as bookmarks, recent releases, and back stock items, are selling like hot cakes on a cold day.

At least half of our day is now devoted to picking, packing and signing the books for the Christmas Surprise Packages, and processing orders to make sure they arrive in time for the holidays.

We make a point to process and ship the Surprise Packages and other orders EVERY DAY. If you place an order in the evening, odds are your order ships the next day or the following day.

We do our best to make sure orders arrive in time for the holidays! Of course, once they leave our warehouse, delivery is out of our hands.

Order THIS WEEK to make sure you get your orders in time for Christmas.

Your BEST method of shipping is UPS Ground. It is the most reliable and can be tracked.

UPS Ground. UPS Ground is faster than ever before! A package sent UPS Ground this week will arrive to most places east of the Rocky Mountains in 2-4 days. West of the Rockies in 4-5 days. That means if you order THIS WEEK (before Friday) your package will arrive with PLENTY OF TIME TO SPARE – and without the expense of paying a rush fee!

Most of you can even order OVER THE WEEKEND and if it ships by UPS Ground on Monday or Tuesday (we will do our best!!), those of you living east of the Rocky Mountains (except New Mexico) should receive your order by December 22 or 23. We can’t guarantee it, but the odds are in your favor that it will arrive by Friday, December 23. NOTE: Orders placed over the weekend will not ship until Monday or Tuesday, but should still arrive by Thursday or Friday to most locations within the United States east of the Rocky Mountains.

Those of you west of the Rockies will need to use UPS 3rd or 2nd Day Air to guarantee delivery before December 24.

Ordering by any other means is much less reliable.

Though Priority Mail and Parcel Post should arrive within 3-6 business days – you are pressing your luck to get your order in time for Christmas unless you place your order before Friday, December 16. Again, if you place your orders THIS WEEK (before the weekend) you are almost certain (90% chance) to receive your package in time for the holidays, but Palladium can not guarantee it.

Media Mail is a total crap shoot at this point. Your odds of getting a package shipped via Media Mail in time for Christmas are less than 30% (and that may be optimistic). It is our experience that during the holidays, Media Mail takes 4-21 days to arrive. DO NOT USE MEDIA MAIL IF YOU NEED your package to arrive by December 23rd.

What is the Palladium Christmas Surprise Package?

One of the best holiday deals anywhere! The Christmas Surprise Package is $80-$90+ worth of merchandise (often more!) for only $38 plus shipping and handling. And you also get autographs in every book if you want them and the element of surprise with your wish list. Heck, the Palladium Christmas Surprise Package may be the “very best gift” money can buy, period! At least for gamers.

Buy one or several as gifts for your friends or for yourself. Use it to get books on the cheap to fill in holes in your gaming collection, try new RPGs and game settings, or get back issues of The Rifter®, or get original art, art prints and autographs. Surprise your fellow gamers with one choice book or a big pile of books for Christmas thanks to Palladium’s Surprise Package. Can you imagine the look on your friend or loved one’s face when you hand him or her a pile of role-playing products worth $90 (or more) . . . with autographs? And you only paid $38 (plus shipping and handling). Word it right and you may get a Surprise Package that has enough items to give to two or three friends.

No other game company offers an opportunity like this. And for a lot of people this is the only way to get books signed by some of the creators and Palladium staff. What are you waiting for? Order yours today. :)

Click here to order yours today.

10 Days left to get a Palladium Christmas Surprise Package.

Offer ends December 23, 2011

Rifts World Book 1 Vampire Kingdoms New Revised Edition Rifts: Path of the Storm Robotech New Generation Sourcebook Dead Reign RPG Palladium Bookmarks Set One Coalition Christmas T-Shirt

What’s hot?

Based on sales and Surprise Package requests, Rifts® Path of the Storm™: One writer’s vision for a Rifts® Movie is a hit, or at least has piqued people’s interest, because and we’ve been sending them out left and right.

We have been shipping Robotech® The New Generation™ Sourcebook, Dead Reign™ RPG and sourcebooks, issues of The Rifter®, bookmarks, the Coalition Christmas T-shirt and a zillion Rifts® titles like crazy.

However, the Number One most requested book of this holiday season has been Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms™.

The Dead Reign™ RPG, Heroes Unlimited™, and Robotech® are all roughly neck and neck for the Number Two slot, with Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Nightbane®, Chaos Earth™, Splicers® and Ninjas & Superspies™ not far behind. A lot of the After the Bomb® mutant animal titles (suitable for use with Heroes Unlimited™) and issues of The Rifter® have also been selling. Heck, folks seem interested in a little of EVERYTHING, which is great to see. Thank you for your support.

That’s it for now. We’ll have more news in the Palladium Weekly Update on Thursday. Until then, think Palladium and game on!

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