About Weekly Updates Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms Now Shipping!

Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms Now Shipping!

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Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms arrived a week early, and is shipping now!

  • Two Vampire Hunter O.C.C.s, all new.
  • Vampire minions, henchmen and protectors, all new.
  • The new Hero Vampire and Deluded Vampire R.C.C.s as player characters.
  • Who can be turned into vampires and who cannot.
  • Chupacabras and other monsters and riding animals.
  • Town creation tables and rules. All new.
  • Updated and revised to 109 P.A.
  • 224 pages – Cat. No. 802-E.

Buy Rifts® Vampire Kingdoms, New Revised Edition now!

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