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Rate of Fire

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Rate of Fire for modern weapons, "Aimed, burst, wild" means that the weapon may be fired in single shots OR in varying bursts; "Standard" weapons may only be fired in single shots (unless noted otherwise). See Rifts RPG, pg. 33-34 for full details but, generally, figure that energy rifles can fire bursts unless it specifically says that particular weapon cannot. Pulse rifles (like the Wilks 457) can NOT fire bursts on the single shot setting, but must be set for a burst. Plasma ejectors (like the NG-12) are not usually burst weapons.

Rate of Fire equal to number of Hand-to-Hand attacks means that the character can fire an aimed shot or burst for each action that he would normally get. Thus, a character with 3 attacks per round may take 3 aimed shots or bursts (not 9).

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