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from the recent facebook announcemrnt about "Con of the north" and there being robotech games at it..
Sunday at 6pm:

Robotech: The Derelict
In search of the Robotech Masters' homeworld, the United Earth Expeditionary Force is constantly on guard for remnants of their Zentraedi army. While investigating the disappearance of several vessels in uncharted space, a Veritech fighter squadron detects a derelict Salan class scout ship. Is it a lifeless hulk, from a bygone era, or does it yet contain secrets, guarded by Spectres?
Location: Studio 3-02
Time Slot: SUN18-22
Type: RPG
Players: 6
Knowledge Required: None
Materials Required: None
System: Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Role-Playing Game
GM: Erik Mornes
Sponsor: Saturday Night Space Opera

this one has me curious because i ran a game on the chats here awhile back with the same title, and a very similar initial premise. so i'm curious what will be in that one. since i can't attend, anyone headed to that Con willing to give me an after action report?

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