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DR is vague on the effects if entangle. 173 and 186 don't really explain what it does or how it works.

Page 75 under "2. Grabbing Bite and Entangle" mentions inability to flee/run/attack and 1/2 combat bonuses , no initiative.

I think this is in part due to "pulls,jerks and tussles hard to keep the victim off balance"

I'm not sure if that is supposed to be part of all entangles? 186 mentions 1 action to initiate, 1 to maintain each round.

The initiation is a roll against a strike since it is a defense.

The maintain would seem more like an offense because it is opposed by a dodge roll from the entangled victim trying to escape...

Which is the only reason I think most zombies would bother with it. They want to attack you and must end the entangle to do so.

I'm just not sure his often they can do it. You roll 1 entangle at the start of a Keele round to maintain and then the entangled victim can spam dodges to get out, using all their attacks (and you can even borrow from the next melee, but NOT the one after that) for extra dodges.

How would autododge work though? I would say 1 per attack otherwise you could spam two dozen u til you got out on a nat 20.

A "one defense per attack" line of thinking makes me wonder if 1 dodge escape attempt per round is all that is allowed.

So what should a zombie do with his other actions when he can't attack?

1) entangle himself, if any further attacks are launched at him. Parries aren't a good idea.

2) roll with impact for attacks which do at least 1 DMG (after NAR and divisors)

3) grab a weapon (grabbing a person would be an attack, prepping to stab them she you get free isn't)

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