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Hello my splicehead this is another character sheet!
As in the description of forms is not specified M.D.C. of the head, arms or legs, only add a percentage of M.D.C. of the main body. The percentages are: head 46.5%, arms 43.5% and legs 63.5%. Do the math and compare the percentages with the rules of splicers page 71 (the results of the dice were maximized)
Additionally the M.C.D. of the tails, tentacles and wings (feathers) are in the rule book. The heavy assault form has rockets pods take them as arms (43.5%) of the main body. Note: in the illustration of heavy assault form appear 4 tentacles, but only 2 are placed in the features. In my party have 4 tentacles without cost "thanks Chuck Walton from a player of my party"

Many thanks and best regards!AsEdjumbKRTNgRqpYm1amVt0yRFT

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