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 Post subject: Riftless: Ordered Earth
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This thread is intended to explore a drastic variation of the Chaos Earth setting, where one simple change is made:

There was no Coming of the Rifts.

The “great societies” of the turn of the century continue on without being flooded by mystical energies, bombarded by unnatural disasters, or invaded by supernatural monsters. If there are supernatural creatures at all, they're of the sort featured in Beyond the Supernatural.

What they do have are robots, power armor, and augmented humans (e.g., cyborgs, juicers, and crazies). Despite supposedly being a Golden Age, this setting seems to me like it would most likely feel more like a Cyberpunkish dystopia.

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Basically just go with what we already know from the Golden Age. Mutant humanoids would be around in one form or another(Lonestar, Project Achilles, Tritonia/Shapercorp). Space expansion in the belt, on the moon, and at least Mars would be happening. I would see psychics becoming more understood, and common(Crazies, and the psychic tech/warriors from England). Plus that is more obvious like high tech weapons from GBs on, and lots of cyberpunk elements.

To me it would come out as something of a Shadowrun kinda setting with mutants replacing the awakened races, and all the political issues of their freedom, ownership, and so on. Increased population longevity would lead to a unique set of societal issues, as would very low cost energy and food growing methods.

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