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What do you want in Choas earth:Psychic Storm?

What are Pcc do you in it and Why?

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1.) a release :)

2.) something telekinetic based because the pyro's get all the love ( bursters)

3.) the dawn of psyscape

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Something I'd like is new psionics that are wild and unpredictable; sort of the psychic equivalent to Chaos Magic. Raw, unfocused power releasing itself from a character who has no idea how to harness it and can only barely direct it. I think the stuff in Rifter #50 was a great start. Those classes have some great variety and options, and I really liked the "latent psionics" options (though we need more of those).

Another great thing this book could do is contain "conversion" for the Beyond the Supernatural 2nd Edition psychics into the Apocalyptic world of Chaos Earth. Bring those psychic powers up to a Megaversal standard, and explain how the Threat Rating system interacts with such an overwhelming event.

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