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Snake Style Kung Fu is the Chi Mastery (Negative) martial art.

From the description:
Snake Style Kung Fu seeks to tap into the Yin power of darkness, building up forces of the negative Chi.
At the first sign of an opening, the master attacks with a single finger strike, channeling dark Chi into the enemy's body. This strike can leave the victim crippled, damaged or merely gasping for air. And a light stroke from the master can reverse all the damage.

Hand Attacks: One-Fingertip Attack (SPECIAL! Does absolutely no damage but serves to channel Chi attacks directly to Hit Points).

What is the this One-Finger-Tip Attack?
There is no Chi Ability that does damage directly to Hit Points.
There is an Atemi ability, Blood Flow Atemi or Chirigi, which is a D8 directly to Hit Points via fingertip attack or fore-knuckle attack, however, this isn't channeling Chi and Atemi is the realm of Tien Hsueh, not Chi Mastery. In fact, Snake Style Kung Fu NEVER gets Atemi abilities.

Can you please define this Secret Negative Chi Attack that delivers damage directly to Hit Points via Fingertip making contact?
It isn't One Finger Chi or Negative Empty Chi, because that is a ranged (30') telekinetic attack and does SDC damage, not Hit Point damage.

While were at it, can you please address Tien Hsueh and Dim Mak?
Tien Hsueh is the Atemi Mastery martial art.

N&SS UnRevised states Tien Hsueh has Dim Mak as special attack. Doesn't list it as one of the initial powers available or list it in the level advancement. But in the description of Dim Mak, it states that Tien Hsueh gets it at level 1. However states Death Blow on a Natural 20 at 5th Level.

N&SS Revised regarding Tien Hsueh states: Level 2 Dim Mak (Death Blow). Then never gives a listing for Death Blow in further advancement. This implies that Dim Mak is a death blow.

Mystic China's version of Tien Hsueh states: Long Distance Dim Mak available to choose as a starting power. Advancement states Dim Mak at 9th level on an 18 or better. I don't believe that it was meant to be Critical at 18 or better, since there is already listings for Critical from Behind. So I would believe that it would be Death Blow at 18 or better since there is no mention of Death Blow in the advancement.

So, if Dim Mak is Death Blow, then it can be used as an instantaneous kill (like Death Blow), or as a long and wasting death, dependent upon the Tien Hsueh Master's choice.
If Dim Mak isn't Death Blow and is just a painfully slow way to kill a target; then Tien Hsueh needs to better define its Death Blow (give it earlier than 5th level on a natural 20), considering Tae Kwon Do, Leopard Style Kung Fu, and Praying Mantis Style Kung Fu get Death Blow at 1st level on a Natural 20 and it improves to a 19-20 by 12th level or sooner.

My suggestion would be to treat this as an Atemi ability that can be powered like a Chi Mastery; that the single finger strike and cause the stop of chi flow, that the individual no longer heals, and eventually dies. However, if the Tien Hsueh Master has taken some Chi Mastery abilities, I would say that the Dim Mak can also be delivered with some negative chi to reduce the target's chi to zero, and possibly do damage directly to hit points to kill him instantaneously.

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Comment: Palladium Books Canon is set solely by Kevin Siembieda, either in person, or by his approval of published material.
okay here is how I understand this
1) Dim Mak, while it is a death blow is not the maneuver Death Blow. As such you do not get an automatic Dim Mak and those with Death Blow do not have the attack. Chalk it up to bad editing but they seem to be totally different.

2) as I understand One Finger attack... it is a special unique attack that lets you basically make a special negative chi attack. You hit and then spend X amount of negative Chi. Each point you spend does 1:1 damage to their hit points. YES this is hideously deadly. Besides being rather draining it helps explain why Snake Style is feared!

3) The regular Death Blow maneuver that people get is simply the "does double damage direct to HP" version not a Dim Mak

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I always imagined it as even stronger than what eliakon has hypothesized. Page 102:
    Does absolutely no damage, but serves to channel for Chi attacks directly to Hit Points

This means the "poke" itself doesn't actually do damage (see

Snake Style has the option of selecting a chi mastery power at 1st level. Notice on page 120 the conveniently named "One Finger Chi".

You roll d20+3 (no other bonuses) with a 30 feet range, inflict 3 SDC per 1 chi spent. Cannot be parried or dodged.

I believe the fingertip attack changes this to be a normal HTH stike roll (so you could add PP bonuses, for example) but it CAN be parried or dodged (because it's a physical attack) and it inflicts 3 HP per chi spent when used this way.

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