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Any idea if there will be future editions (perhaps an Ultimate Edition?) of AtB that actually include the maps? Palladium books have always been fairly hit or miss in my experience (World Book: Canada is the only one I think that has handled maps perfectly), but I was shocked to find virtually zero indication of where key locations actually are!
I've found maps online since, but it struck me as an odd thing to leave out when revising the original, never mind having yet to produce a complete map of the continental U.S., as is often the central focus of most Palladium settings.
I also found it strange that the revised edition directs one to look to Road Hogs for information on the Pacific coast. I did so, expecting to see the PNW included, only to find that Road Hogs focuses largely on what's left of California (and sort of implies that maybe The Road Hogs territory includes Oregon and Washington, and that the Free Cattle Range covers at least 50% of the continental U.S.?).
Yeah, if they're willing to revise/remake AtB (I doubt it, out of respect for Erick Wujcik), the maps definitely need a lot of work.

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