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I will post some creatures that I used in other games before, I think they are similar to BtS's style. I'm not skilled with BtS's system,I just got in touch;So maybe you can help me make the BtS version of these monsters. :-)


They are essentially fictional characters who die in literary works, but become true spiritual threat, appear to the real world. Their appearance looks like a pile of ink lines constitute the human form, constantly making noise -- It is actually repeating its own "name", but every retelling will have subtle errors. It wants to find its author, to return to its name.
If you are too much into its noise, you will fall into a closed weird scene -- this is actually a fragment of the book, is the plot when the character die. You have to find a way to escape, or you will lose yourself, become derivative of Nameless.


They are kind of aura,but with self-consciousness.They never appear alone,but like the blue whale's parasite, attached to another supernatural creatures to act together.Silence can create a completely silent area around the host, and create a "blind spot", so that the host in the human eye is invisible.Silence can affect multiple creatures that are adjacent.They can not be perceived by ordinary senses, some spells may be able to check and "disperse" them.


They are entity produced by negative emotions.They attached to the human,and will make other intelligent creatures have unreasonable hostility to the host.This situation has a gradual process,the people around the host at first just verbal abuse,and then began to punish,and then is more excessive violence;To the final stage,the people around the host will enter a state of mental excitement,they will try to kill the host at all costs.Once the host dies, the hostility will jump to the murderer who killed the host.

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